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Spread the workload and ease the pressure

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Outsourcing tasks to other highly skilled professionals allows you to grow your business without expanding your workforce. The benefits amount to substantial cost savings and higher efficiency, increased production and profitability plus a more flexible approach to meeting business objectives. Outsourcing affords you more time to focus on your competencies and simply do what you do best.
  • Reduce overall costs and overheads
  • Increased Business Profitability
  • Low risk and low cost business growth
  • A more flexible approach to business
  • Substantially Improved Business Efficiency
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Free up internal resources

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people said

    “We have been using Top Resourcing since early 2017. Having already trialed over 30 RPO companies, we have found Top Resourcing to be in a league of their own. We found them to be extremely professional, hard working and highly responsive. Their quality standards are consistently high, and delivery is like clockwork. Having outsourced our resourcing function over to Top Resourcing, we have saved over £40,000 in costs and have achieved a ROI that has paid for the service, several times over!”
    Managing Director, Global Renewable Energy Recruiter
    “Top Resourcing is definitely a top RPO! They provide a high degree of client care and consistently maintain high quality standards throughout their delivery. They have been supporting us with CV Sourcing and Lead Generation services, both of which are paying dividends. We are very happy with the service and long may it continue.”
    Managing Director, Global Executive Search Firm
    “We find CV Formatting service beneficial, as it saves a lot of admin time internally, which is now being utilised on more commercially focused and revenue generating tasks. Their service is reliable, as formatted CVs are returned in a timely manner. They are formatted in exactly the template we need them to be. With troublesome CVs in which the original layout is messy, in tables, CV is a picture or content is poorly organised; even these CVs come back formatted with information presented exactly how we would want it. In short, TR adds value to our business. They deliver a professional service that works for us. We have no plans to change this.”
    Operations Director, Leading UK Technical Recruitment Firm
    “Tahir and his team are a breath of fresh air, as they always deliver what they promise. We were pleasantly surprised by how well they had performed against our own internal team of Resourcers. We commenced our partnership with just one Resourcer, gradually replacing our in-house Resorucing Team completely, with a team provided by Top Resourcing. So far, so good. Well done to Tahir and the Team!”
    Executive Director, ‘Top 10’ Legal Recruitment Firm

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